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Boiled sausage

Jellied "baden vespermett"

The "baden vespermett" is a sausage speciality in the style of cooked minced ham. It is encased in a delicately spiced jelly, wich remains firm when cut. The "baden vespermett" is made from lean ham and pork belly. Thinly sliced on crusty bread it doesn't only appeal to country-style sausage lovers.

Unit weight: 2,0 kg

"Oven Potpie"

Oven potpie is an oven-baked meatpie in meat loaf-style with a high content of lean meat. It is enveloped in a fine coat of aspic made up of meat juice wich remains attached to the outside even when slicing. This meat jelly adds zest to cold snacks an turns into a piquant sauce when grilled or roasted.

Unit weight: 4,0 kg

Meat loaf with roasted onions

Oven-baked, coarse meat loaf affinated with roasted onions.

Unit weight: 1,5 kg

Ham sausage

in form of a meat loaf, oven-baked and affinated with aromatic herbs.

Unit weight: 1,5 kg

Ham Sausage with broccoli

With cured ham pieces and a lot of fresh broccoli as centre, affinated with aromatic herbs.

Unit weight: 2,5 kg

Vienna sausages

With fine smoking flavour in a natural casing.

Unit weight: 80 g

Thick "Frankfurter"

Boiled sausage in a natural casing, edible cold or warm.


Unit weight: 100 g

Pork sausage

Cooked meat sausage for cold cuts, sandwiches or salad.

Unit weight: 2,8 kg

"Lyoner" spiced with aromatic paprika

Cooked meat sausage usable for sandwiches or cold cuts.

Unit weight: 2,8 kg

Ham sausage, coarse

Unit weight: 1,8 kg 

Black Forest sausage

Spicy, deeply smoked cooked salami, roasted in hot smoke and afterwards air dried until a drying rate of 28%.

Unit weight: 1,0 kg

Black Forest hot sausage

spicy dark smoked and cooked salami affined with paprika and chilli

Unit weight: 600 g