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Good taste means being committed to quality in the long term.

For some people, we're simply the number one when it comes to fine hams. For others, however, that means something else: Tannenhof was the first Black Forest ham manufacturer to be certified, in 1996, under DIN ISO 9001 in every area of the company. This standard forms the basis for our quality management systems and regulates important elements such as quality objectives and tests, customer orientation and continuous improvement processes.

So you can see: When it comes to quality, only the best is good enough. This has also been proved by TÜV VITACERT, which has tested and certified Tannenhof's production processes to ensure that they comply with the tough requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS). Based on this, both our participation in the Q&S monitoring system and the application of the HACCP concept guarantee an extremely high standard of food product safety.

We are also certified under the new EU Regulation on ecological/organic agriculture (DE-003 Eco-Monitoring Unit). And because the word gets around fast when it comes to quality, our specialities are in demand all over Europe. They're so popular, in fact, that even the British certification body the NBC (National Britannia Certification) subjects us to careful scrutiny each year before deciding that we meet the hygiene requirements of the BRC Global Standard – Food, which go beyond the standards of the EU directives.

Together with our internal quality management system, which allows batches to be traced precisely for example, these precautions provide the perfect framework for the responsible enjoyment of hams and sausages. Day after day. Delivery after delivery. Always.

The secrets of superb quality.

At Tannenhof, we're happy to tell you what's made our products so good for so long.
After all, it's something that goes without saying as far as we're concerned:

Quality control

  Trust is a good thing. But for us, total product reliability is a question of constant, internal quality assurance.  


Professional development

  Training and the inclusion of all employees in the quality assurance process are factors that motivate our teams time and again.  



  Everything needs to be in good order – and only through documenting everything fully and through computer-aided production is it possible to trace back every single batch exactly.  


Internal audits

  Those who keep a close eye on their own production processes can maintain their high standards, find weak points and make constant improvements.  


Looking ahead

  Monthly reports based on day-to-day production information tell management about problems before they get too serious.  



  Both the HACCP concept and training courses guarantee that our delicacies are produced hygienically and ecologically.  

If you have any questions about our certifications or our quality assurance procedures, we will be happy to provide answers. Just mail us at: info(at)