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Once upon a time in the beautiful Black Forest.

Hans Schnekenburger
Brigitte Schnekenburger

It's over 30 years ago:
Germany are the current football world champions for the second time in a row, "Jaws" hits the cinema screens and a space probe reaches Mars for the first time.

An almost fairy-tale era, when Hans Schnekenburger decides to establish his first production operation, with just four employees, in Villingen-Schwenningen. The year was 1975.

Just five years later, the sense of drive and the outstanding products made by the master butcher and graduate in business management, along with his team, gave birth to the first ideas for expansion. The unstoppable rise of the company meant that larger production premises had to be found in both 1982 and 1992 in order to create a sound basis for the further success of the Tannenhof brand. And the foundations were indeed solid: In 1994, Tannenhof, with its workforce of 70, was the first manufacturer of Black Forest hams to be certified under DIN ISO 9001 in all areas of the company – further proof that it is the superb quality of our products that form the core of this wonderful success story.

The next generation.

Markus and Claudia Schnekenburger have strengthened the management ranks at Tannenhof since 1992 and 1997. Together, between 1999 and 2002, they increased production operations to 16,000 squ.m., thus preparing the way for the Black Forest company to enter the new millennium – and to move from one success to another.

Markus Schnekenburger
Claudia Schnekenburger-Erban

But today, it is still – as it was 30 years ago – the commitment and quality consciousness of the workforce and of the Schnekenburger family that make Tannenhof what it is: a strong brand centred on a strong product that is as unique as the region from which it comes.