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Award-winners from the Black Forest.

Naturally, we could go on for ages about how much love and quality awareness we put into our work. But people who value quality like to know that this has been confirmed by an independent testing body.

No problem: The speciality products made by Tannenhof are awarded prizes each year in the voluntary quality competition run by the DLG (German Food Association). In 2013, Tannenhof was awarded the 26nd time the "Prize-Winners' Prize" in gold .
Now that's convincing.

  • Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham from the core
  • Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham sliced
  • Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham, pieces
  • Black Forest Platter self-service
  • Landgenuss Jellied "baden vespermett" self-service
  • Landgenuss Bierwurst SB
  • Schwarzwälder Bauernwürstle SB
  • Black sausage self-service
  • Mini black sausages self-service
  • Schinken-Krakauer im Ring SB