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Raw ham

Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham, "The Classic"

The  whole pieces are dry cured by hand using a traditional mixture of spices and salt and cold smoked traditionally over pine branches. After maturing for three months, the incomparable, mildly spicy aroma has developed fully.

Unit weight: 5,5 kg

Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham from the core

Dry cured by hand using a traditional mixture of spices, salt and cold smoked over pine branches. After maturing for three months in the fresh mountain air it attains its inimitable aroma. The halves are formed and pressed so as to minimize slicing losses. Also obtainable with capped end.

Unit weight: 2,8 kg

Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham, cut/hip

The flat cut/hip sections are dry and slightly salted, spicily smoked over fragrant pine branches. During the curing process careful attention is paid to preserve a mild salt content in the ham. After maturing for 3 months, the hams are ready to enjoy. Also obtainable with capped ends.

Unit weight: 2,8 kg

Black Forest TANNENHOF Ham, lengthwise cut

Assorted halves from the core and from the hip. Lengthwise cut and capped ends. 

Unit weight: 2,8 kg

Baden Dry Cured Ham

Baden Dry Cured Ham  is air-dried core ham cut from the centre of the pork leg. It is slightly salted and dry cured with sea salt and regional herbs and spices. It is left to mature for at least 6 months in the mountain air of Baden until its full-bodied character has developed completely. The good fermentation and high weight loss of 35% give the ham its special, typical flavour.

Unit weight: 1,3 kg

Black Forest Bauernspeck/Slender side

The streaky pork belly is dry cured traditionally with salt and local herbs and smoked with spices in a Black Forest chimney over pine branches. It is then allowed to mature for three months as it develops its very own typical flavour.

Unit weight: 3,0 kg