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Environmental protection

Good for you. Good for the environment.

As a company based in the Black Forest, nature is a concept that is, of course, close to our hearts. Every stage in production is optimised in order to minimise raw material and product losses, to reduce left-over waste and to cut the use of air, water and energy. We operate ecologically and economically so that we can safeguard our own site and the jobs based here in the long term.

Tannenhof does everything it can so ensure, as a sustainable company, that it is not a burden on the region or on the generations to come. Here are a few examples of what Tannenhof regards as environmentally aware behaviour:

Waste water

  Several multi-chamber purification plants guarantee that waste water produced by us is purified so that it can be returned to the natural water cycle. Regular measurements carried out by the Horgen Waste Water Management Association confirm the success of our measures.  



  Our four-storey, double-brick-lined smoking towers guarantee two things at once: firstly, wonderfully smoked hams; and secondly, the minimum use of fuels (pinewood, pine branches and pine sawdust) and good energy savings. All exhaust air is captured and aerosols which could damage the environment are removed in a special process. The resulting tar is collected and recycled by a specialist company.

And that's not all: Tannenhof participates in the Dual System according to ยง 6 of the Order on Packaging and is certified under the new EU Regulation on ecological/organic agriculture (DE-003 Eco-Monitoring Unit).

Our commitment means that you can enjoy Tannenhof Black Forest ham with a clear conscience.
So it tastes twice as good.